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    “I knew I was going to be a Chef at age six. Some kids say ‘When I grow up I want to be a fireman or an astronaut’. Later in life they change their mind… I just never changed mine”.
    Our Founder Chef Mike Romine

    Michael Romine

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    An adventure in hyper local food with rustic charm

    We believe that food should be local and prepared with passion. The Mulefoot Gastropub is a farm to table concept utilizing most of its products from local farmers. We are located in Imlay City in the heart of Lapeer county; Which is one of the most diverse agricultural counties in Michigan.

    The Mulefoot’s namesake is from a special heritage hog served at the restaurant. Some of the free range pork is raised on our local family farm eight miles from the restaurant. We strive to bring new and inventive flavors in a comfortable setting. This is a pub. We are not fine dining. Everything we do is hand crafted; from your first course to our craft beverages. We invite you to come experience a true farm to table experience in the community in which your farm products are grown.


    “I didn’t know I was going to be a Chef until about 20. I always enjoyed cooking but I really knew when I went to Denmark to work at the number one restaurant in the world (at the time). I got a tattoo on my wrist that is a danish word for twins but also has a double meaning for food. So I am pretty much committed after that.”
    Our Founder Chef Matt Romine

    Matthew Romine



    Local Michigan Beer, Wine, and Liquor

    Enjoy a farm to table experience with local beverages. Craft beer, Wine, and local liquor will complete your experience.

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